A Festive Day of Light

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30 November 2018

The Silver Birch class pupils at Meadowpark School enjoyed a fantastic day out on Tuesday, exploring the theme of light through baking and craft activities.  They travelled to Blunsdon House Hotel and in the morning  made stained glass biscuits with boiled sweets which were later hung at school to create a 'biscuit chandelier.'  The boiled sweets created little coloured windows in the biscuits which looked spectacular and undoubtedly tasted good too!  The pupils also made scented candles, taking care with the hot wax and learning how to keep the wick straight.  In the afternoon, the children worked as a team to design and make a stained glass window using coloured sticky paper and tissue paper. An unforgettable day's work!  Please take a look at the photos on the Meadowpark Facebook website.

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