Rowan Class visit We the Curious, Bristol

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19 December 2019

On Friday 15 November, Rowan Class ventured to Bristol to visit the wonderful 'We the Curious' Museum.

Year 5 have been studying Forces and The Solar System in their Science class recently and it was these topics they concentrated on during the workshops they attended. 

One fun experiment, was to show the forces of pull and push on a go-kart, as one lucky volunteer sat inside!  Rockets were fired in a controlled experiment inside, giant bubbles were made and spacesuits worn during the classroom activities.  Then, to top it all off, Rowan Class enjoyed an amazing star-gazing afternoon in the 3D Planetarium.  Sitting back and watching the Stars and Planets pass by, was the icing on the cake to a thrilled Year 5, who exclaimed it to be their 'best trip ever!'

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