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Comic Relief 2019

Children from our School participated in a Talent Show with all funds being raised going to support Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. Facebook Page Read More

Exercise for Health

In science, Year 6 have been learning about the importance of exercise. This week, the children created their own exercises for the rest of the class to complete and recorded their results in a table. The exercises included running, jumping, Hockey,... Read More

Weather Monday Morning 4th February

An update on arrangements for Monday 4th February: We are pleased that both the School and the Nursery will be open tomorrow morning. However, parents dropping off at School are requested not to use the car park and to drop off using the... Read More

SNOW in Cricklade - arrangements today

There is heavy snow in Cricklade this morning. Meadowpark School and Nursery is open. Parents are advised to check their local road conditions and make the journey only if they feel safe to do so.  The School car park is closed so please drop... Read More

A Matter of Debate!

Silver Birch class have been studying persuasive texts and learning to write persuasively, for or against a statement. This culminated in a debate which they presented to Rowan class. The subject of debate was: Should Primary School Children... Read More