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The curriculum is the means by which the school achieves its objective of educating children in the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need in order to lead fulfilling lives.  Meadowpark aims to encourage and motivate children to learn in a creative and nurturing environment.  Our pupils are taught a broad range of subjects, using the National Curriculum as a framework.  Additional subjects such as Music and French are taught within the school day by specialist teachersto provide enrichment and after-school activities complement and enhance the learning experience. 

Our school curriculum is underpinned by the values that we hold dear at Meadowpark. The aims of our school curriculum are:

·         to enable all children to learn, and develop their skills, to the best of their ability;

·         to promote a positive attitude towards learning, so that children enjoy coming to school, and acquire a solid basis for lifelong learning;

·         to teach children the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology (ICT);

·         to enable children to be creative and to develop their own thinking;

·         to teach children about the developing world, including how their environment and society have changed over time;

·         to help children understand Britain's cultural heritage;

·         to appreciate and value the contribution made by all ethnic groups in our multi-cultural society;

·         to enable children to be positive citizens;

·         to teach children to have an awareness of their own spiritual development, and to distinguish right from wrong;

·         to help children understand the importance of truth and fairness, so that they grow up committed to equal opportunities for all;

·         to enable children to have respect for themselves and high self-esteem, and to live and work cooperatively with others.