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Holiday Activities Club

Meadowpark School runs Holiday Activities during all school holidays.  Typically, activities include Art and Craft projects,  Sports Coaching, P E and games, Out and About walks in the local area, seasonal games and competitions.

These are some examples of activities which have taken place:

 Art and Craft

 J Customized door hangers

 J Mini rocking horse project

 J Creating mini beasts from card

 J Design and making Valentine‚Äôs Day cards

 J Plaster of Paris moulds and painting

 Games and Sports

 J Ball skills

 J Basketball and netball, shooting skills

 J Uni-hoc / hockey games

 J Dodge ball

 J Shark attack

 J Indoor bowling


 J Baking Cup Cakes and cup cake decoration

 J Play dough sculptures

 J Board games

 J Competitions