Baby and Toddler Care

Baby Care

Meadowpark Nursery’s school facilities for babies have been described as “second to none”. Our baby nursery rooms provide care for babies from as young as 3 months old.

The babies have their own age-specific playrooms and a covered space outside. In addition they share an area with the toddlers for indoor sand, water and “messy” play. There is also a separate sleep room, a baby feed kitchen, a laundry room and nappy changing rooms. In addition, there is a large outside play area for daily walks.

Every baby is allocated a dedicated key person. They work in co-operation with parents to cater for the baby’s individual needs. We also aim to follow their home routines as close as possible. The key person creates a calm and secure environment. This will result in your baby feeling safe to learn through new play experiences.

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Toddler Care

The toddler rooms provide cheerful age-appropriate facilities across 4 playrooms. This includes a sensory room. There is also a large garden with a soft safety surface. Furthermore, toddlers can enjoy physical activities in our indoor hall. This can include throwing bean bags or balls and riding sit-on toys.

The focus is on developing their language and communication skills, physical ability and personal and social attitudes.

Staff use song bags, story sacks and toddler-talk cards to promote ECAT (Every Child a Talker). Furthermore, through free-flow play toddlers can initiate their own activities. This will result in them exploring, learning and developing socially. We also carefully select open-ended resources to capture the children’s imaginations and create exciting learning opportunities.

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