Benefits of an Independent Private School

Why Choose an Independent Private School?

All parents want their children to succeed in life, and that begins with enrolling them in the right school. Prospective parents often ask us why they should choose a private school over a state primary school. We asked some of our current parents how they made that decision and they cited the following reasons.

Small Classes

Meadowpark School limits pupils to just 12 per class, whereas classes in the state system may contain as many as 30 pupils. With such small classes, teachers can provide an individual approach to learning and can adapt their teaching according to each child. Teachers also have time to give each child immediate feedback. Furthermore, we can give pupils the opportunity to learn at their own pace. As a result they achieve a deeper level of understanding.

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Meadowpark Private School Pupils

Outstanding Academic and Personal Achievement

Pupils at Meadowpark School who join us in Reception class are academically ahead of their peers, according to PIPS tests that are externally administered by Durham University. Children make excellent progress and are given the best start to their school life.

We use Pira and Puma tests in English writing, reading and Maths to benchmark pupils’ progress and achievement. We do this instead of putting children through the stress of SATS.

The development of self-confidence in our pupils is a strength of the school. It is also a distinct advantage when our pupils move on at the age of 11. Secondary schools often comment on how well behaved, organised and mature graduates of Meadowpark are.

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Private School Children

Nurturing and Individualised Learning

The teachers get to know their pupils extremely well and can give them the time, care and attention they need.

Teachers meet the individual needs of every pupil in their class. As an independent private school we have more control over the curriculum. Teachers are free to cover topics that they know will interest and engage the children.

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Meadowpark School Pupils Doing Experiments

The Curriculum

We aim to instil a life-long love of learning. We achieve this, in part at least, through the emphasis on extra-curricular activities. While we follow the National Curriculum, our curriculum is much wider and allows us to provide a broader all-round educational experience.  For example, we offer more opportunities for activities like drama, music and sport. This rounded approach helps to develop and stretch children in all-round ability. Furthermore, it encourages the development of life-skills such as leadership and team work.

Wrap Around Care

Meadowpark provides convenience for busy working parents. Your child can take part in after school and holiday clubs. Our own qualified staff run these clubs, providing a safe and secure environment after the normal school day.

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Children Playing Hockey

Open Days

Our next open days will be on the 13th and 14th of March 2020


School Curriculum

View our school's curriculum and wide variety of extra-curricular activities

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