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Life at our Preschool

Here at Meadowpark Nursery we offer preschool care to children between the ages of 0-4 years. We allocate children a classroom according to their age. Children are assigned a key person, who will provide attentive care to the child and is their principle educator. We enhance the children’s learning through play by introducing key person activities. Children experience “Cherry Tots” activities to develop balance, coordination, social skills and also handwriting skills using Penpals.

In addition to learning and playing in their classroom, they can enjoy time in the sensory room and have fun in the “wet and messy” area. Furthermore, they can take part in music and active play in a multi-purpose sports hall. Children can also experience outside adventures in the specially designed playground that has a soft surface. Bicycles, a sandpit and climbing equipment allow children to explore and make the most of the outdoor space, which also includes an outside classroom.

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Staff and Pupil at Nursery

Out of Hours Preschool Care

We provide flexible care from 7:30am until 6pm throughout the year. We offer the 15 hours of government funding, 30 hours funding and tax-free childcare.

Each year, the preschool nursery pupils have the opportunity to perform in the nativity play as well as raise money for the NSPCC at the sponsored bike ride event. They can also enrol for extra-curricular activities, such as weekly lessons of Gymnastics, Football, Tag Rugby or French. These all take place in the purpose-built nursery school hall.

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Preschool children in nativity play

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Nursery Curriculum

Find out about our foundation stage for children up to five years old

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