Read some of the kind words from the parents and guardians of the children that come to Meadowpark below.

Our son joined Meadowpark in Year 2. My only regret is that we should have moved him sooner. Meadowpark School is a friendly, inspiring place to learn.

Sarah M

Ben's Mum

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate, as parents, that our girls were given such creative freedom and encouragement to learn. The personal and individual care you bring to each student was very evident to me. Not only were my girls happy with everything they were taught and learnt, but we were happy that they were individually challenged according to their strengths and interests.

Victoria B

Grace and Hannah's Mum

After his first year at Meadowpark School he exceeded all national and personal academic targets for his age and he has found a love of learning that hopefully will last a lifetime. We are so grateful for the miraculous turnaround the school has brought about in him, it has been the best thing we could have done for our son.

Thomas J

Daniel's Dad

After lots of consideration and viewing different schools, we decided on Meadowpark School for our daughter. At the end of the first week I knew that this was one of the best decisions we would make. She thrives at school, and my sensitive, shy child is growing in confidence every day. I am amazed at how much she learns academically and socially. She tells me how much she loves school and she spends most weekends writing little notes and pictures of her teacher, whom she adores.

David D

Abigail's Dad

That the staff are approachable, knowledgeable and caring. Our son enjoys his time at Meadowpark and is making new friends developing good social skills and learning.

Brian P

Blake's Dad

The teachers are outstanding in their skills, dedication, imagination and general knowhow with children and on top of that the small class sizes mean that your child gets even more time and attention from them.

Joan B

Lucy's Mum

The teachers are very dedicated to their students and demonstrate a commitment to excellence in education. Both our children love this school and their teachers. Meadowpark also provides a great selection of extra curricular activities such as football, rounders, chess club and art.

John K

George and Milo's Dad

Meadowpark has a lovely warm village school feel with small class sizes and good quality teaching. It feels like a large extended family with parents, teachers and children getting along. I love the confidence the school has given my children, they can communicate extremely well in all sorts of situations and with all age ranges and I am sure this is down to the school.

Emma P

Ruby's mum

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